Mobility & Mimosas  45-min Clinic | October 15th @ 10AM


Restorative movement practice combining self massage with dynamic mobility and core stability exercises.  Hang afterward to mingle over mimosas or a mocktail!

This mat-based mobility session blends yoga-inspired flexibility flows with athletic warm-up drills designed to re-establish range of motion while emphasizing balance, posture and core control.   Infused with mindful breathing and just enough strength to make you sweat, this session will brings balance and alignment to body and mind.

“After injuring my back, I missed an entire ski season. Various doctors had me try physical therapy, acupuncture, spinal traction, massage, and injections. Nothing worked. Feeling hopeless, I started training with Frank on a strong recommendation from a coworker. From our first session, Frank helped change my mindset around my pain, while improving my strength and mobility. Within just weeks of training, my pain was significantly lower. I returned to skiing and soon after began ski touring and surfing for the first time. Now at age 38, I feel stronger than ever. Frank not only helped fix my back pain, he inspired me to set new athletic goals that I previously did not think were possible for me. These athletic endeavors have brought immense joy to my life. I believe strongly in Frank’s methods and would recommend him to anyone. For Christmas this year, I am giving the gift of sessions with Frank to my parents.”

Eric Rains

New York City

“I trained with Frank in preparation for my snowboard trip to Alaska.  Frank’s fitness program is by far the best training I have ever done.  He is thoughtful and caring, explaining the how and why of each movement.  His exercise program, to me, is about mobility and body weight, so your joints, muscles and tendons do not feel the strain that I have felt working out in a gym or cross fit class.  I arrived in Alaska with a whole new mindset and body, ready to shred some of the most intense terrain on the planet.  I am eternally grateful for Frank, and still to this day, use FranklyFitness as a model for my workout routines.“

"Smitty" Andrew Smith

Jackson Hole, WY

About Frank

Frank Baptiste, CSCS is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with 17 years experience specializing in functional mobility, injury prevention and recovery. An avid skier, cyclist and adventure athlete, Frank grew up ski racing in Vermont and attended Boston College before moving to New York City to pursue his career in fitness.  In 2010, having worked with novice to  professional client-athletes, trained and developed dozens of personal trainers and managed high-end Manhattan fitness clubs, Frank created the FranklyFitness brand with his philosophy, Move Well, Feel Well, Be Well.  The following winter Frank packed his kettle bells, TRX, foam roller and lacrosse ball along with 2-pairs of skis and drove west to Jackson, Wyoming on a mission to ski 100 days and share his pre-hab. approach with the snow sports community .


Beyond the Northeast and Teton mountains, Frank has skied renowned resorts across the Colorado and Canadian Rockies, toured in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and most recently Patagonia, Argentina. Experience working with mountain athletes and conversations with expert riders, backcountry guides, and ski instructors has affirmed the need for strength training among skiers and snowboarders, particularly the need for corrective exercise strategies and injury prevention. Frank’s progressive and periodized approach is both and scientific and systematic, allowing skiers and snowboarders to reduce the risk of injury, bounce back from inevitable tweaks, and maximize performance while living what they love.