My Story…

I grew up knowing my mom would likely never meet her grandchildren. I hoped that she would be able to meet my future wife. By the time I was in college I prayed she would live long enough to see me graduate. ⁣

Like nearly 100 million Americans, my mom suffered with multiple chronic illnesses before passing away at 54 years old. ⁣

That was 15 years ago—losing my mom at such a young age led me to my career in fitness and shaped my philosophy on movement as preventative medicine.

My Story

When I started my finance program at Boston College I never expected I would choose a career in fitness. Three years later my world was flipped upside down and my sense of reality shattered. Fitness became one of my primary means of finding and maintaining balance.

My junior year I had a manic episode and spent two weeks in a psychiatric hospital. I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and forced to withdraw from classes. Shortly after being readmitted to school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live; she passed away just before my final semester.

Having overcome struggles with mental illness I’ve developed a toolkit for maintaining balance and overall health. Fitness has become a fundamental factor in my success. Losing my mother at a young age has further inspired my approach to movement as preventative medicine.

My experiences allow me to provide clients with more than fitness instruction. I am able to give emotional support, insight and perspective, all which are invaluable in helping clients overcome challenges, achieve goals and improve their quality of life.


1-on-1 Coaching

15 years experience coaching clients with a variety of needs and goals, from busy executives to film actors to competitive athletes, with a specialty in post-rehabilitative training



Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,
Functional Movement Systems, Kettlebell Athletics, TRX, Pre/Post-Natal Certified

Resort Fitness Programs

5-years experience designing wellness retreats and staffing full-service fitness amenity for luxury resorts

Employee Wellness

Experience leading 1/2-day, full-day and 3-day retreats for corporate groups as large as 100 people

Health Club Management

Experience managing 30 personal trainers and 275 clients, driving $2 million annual revenue