BICYCLING – Knock Out Knee Pain For Good

To keep your knees healthy, focus on the muscles surrounding the joint.  “Think about compound movements that involve triple extension, meaning you see the ankle, hip, and knee all opening at the same time,” says Baptiste. That targets all the muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain, strengthening any weak links along the way.

WOMEN’S HEALTH – This 15-Minute Travel Workout Will Wake Up Your Body–Stat

Perfect after a long day of traveling, this set of exercises focuses on opening the hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine to lengthen short, tight muscles and improve mobility. It also includes twists and mild inversions help fight swelling, bloat, and fatigue by increasing circulation.  Whether you’re on the road or stuck at the desk, this 15-min workout will help re-establish range of motion, get blood flowing and wake you up.

LIVESTRONG – 10 Ways to Burn More Calories During Your Weight-Lifting Workouts

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is where strength training meets cardio. “The focus is on workout density, meaning you’ll aim to do more work in less time,” Frank Baptiste says.  MRT works a ton of muscles and taxes both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, making for massive calorie burn during and after your session.

THE HUFFINGTON POST – Here’s Why You Get Winded Walking Up Stairs

One strategy to help, add Intervals, “this is the best way to make those incremental jumps in your VO2 max, a measure of how well your body uses oxygen,” says Baptiste. “Ultimately how efficient you are in taking in oxygen and using it will allow you to do something as intense as stairs for longer.

BICYCLING – 6 Exercises to Boost the Power in Every Part of Your Pedal Stroke

“Taking advantage of the full pedal stroke builds an efficient spin so you’re getting greater power through the whole cycle,” says Frank Baptiste, certified strength and conditioning specialist and creator of FranklyFitness.

BICYCLING – The Best HIIT Workouts For Cyclists

High Intensity Interval Training creates the same aerobic benefits and greater anaerobic benefits than moderate steady state cardio–perfect for when you’re short on time. 

About Frank

Frank Baptiste is a holistic fitness professional and the creator of the FranklyFitness Immersion, the destination wellness retreat series featured by Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler and The Wall Street Journal, highlighting his signature classes Move WELL and Play 2 Win.  

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 15-years experience, Frank has been a featured expert in fitness and mainstream media including Health, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Shape, Bicycling, Runner’s World and Tennis magazine, among others.

Frank’s Pre & Post-Hab. approach prioritizes function over physique.  Trusted for keeping clients safe, Frank has been invited to lead grand rounds for the Integrative Care Center at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and he has developed a reputation for helping clients overcome back pain, recover from injuries and return to play.  

Frank Baptiste Riding Bike

Personal Training by Frank Baptiste, CSCS.

“I worked with Frank when I lived in NYC. His kindness and creativity helped make me feel strong again after an injury and I felt my return of athleticism. I would recommend any of his services to anyone!”

Andrea Wood, PT, DPT

“Frank’s methodology works fantastic. He keeps the workouts varied, keeping you engaged and entertained!”

Ximena S.

“…anyone who is interested in living a healthy, balanced and fit lifestyle would benefit from a session with Frank.”

Anisha and Andrew Palmer

“So affirming and inspiring!”


“Frank has a great philosophy and real passion about his work.”

Daryl Johnston

“With an often-stressful job…I needed to stay at the top of my game. This is where I found Frank to be so very helpful.”

Denis Loncto

“[Frank] not only excelled as a personal trainer, but as a personal motivator. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained may attitude as well as my body.”

Keri Brenner

Online Personal Training

Working with what you have Frank will design a program to meet your needs and goals. Get coached through your custom plan and receive form coaching, positive reinforcement and accountability.

Guided Recovery/Relaxation

Ideal if you spend most of your time sitting, have minor aches and pains or are simply looking for stress relief and a lower intensity practice. Restore balance with breathing, self massage and stretching.

Holistic Health Coaching

Explore your health from a 360 degree perspective.  Receive supportive guidance and gentle accountability toward your goals. Learn strategies for improving habits and making lasting changes in your life.


Employee Wellness 

Movement boosts executive functions including problem-solving, information processing, working memory, flexible thinking, organization and time management.  

Learn how to incorporate fitness and wellness into your workplace to combat the negative effects of sitting while reducing stress and promoting mental health.  

Book a virtual workshop or home/office mobility session and enhance the performance of your team.

The Kenrich Group, 2016 Company Outing | Cancun, Mexico

Can’t put a value on health. One of the best outing programs in years.

Dave Bones Vice President, The Kenrich Group

Frankly Fitness showed us how to integrate wellness into our everyday lives, despite the stressors and intense time commitments from work.

Steve Todd

“[The program] has escalated the overall health and well being of our staff and encouraged us to practice self care both in and out of the office.

Erin Callinan, ACESDV

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