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BICYCLING – Knock Out Knee Pain For Good

To keep your knees healthy, focus on the muscles surrounding the joint.  “Think about compound movements that involve triple extension, meaning you see the ankle, hip, and knee all opening at the same time,” says Baptiste. That targets all the muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain, strengthening any weak links along the way.

WOMEN’S HEALTH – This 15-Minute Travel Workout Will Wake Up Your Body–Stat

Perfect after a long day of traveling, this set of exercises focuses on opening the hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine to lengthen short, tight muscles and improve mobility. It also includes twists and mild inversions help fight swelling, bloat, and fatigue by increasing circulation.  Whether you’re on the road or stuck at the desk, this 15-min workout will help re-establish range of motion, get blood flowing and wake you up.

BICYCLING – The Best HIIT Workouts For Cyclists

High Intensity Interval Training creates the same aerobic benefits and greater anaerobic benefits than moderate steady state cardio–perfect for when you’re short on time. 

TIME HEALTH – Here’s Why You Get Winded Walking Up Stairs

One strategy to help, add Intervals, “this is the best way to make those incremental jumps in your VO2 max, a measure of how well your body uses oxygen,” says Baptiste. “Ultimately how efficient you are in taking in oxygen and using it will allow you to do something as intense as stairs for longer.

LIVESTRONG – 10 Ways to Burn More Calories During Your Weight-Lifting Workouts

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is where strength training meets cardio. “The focus is on workout density, meaning you’ll aim to do more work in less time,” Frank Baptiste says.  MRT works a ton of muscles and taxes both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, making for massive calorie burn during and after your session.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – Luxury Hotels’ Latest Amenities Are Brand-Name Fitness Classes

Rosewood Little Dix Bay brought in Frank Baptiste, a former fitness manager at Equinox to overhaul the exercise program in 2013. Mr. Baptiste hires seasoned instructors, mostly from New York, to do six month stints at the resort to teach classes like the “Ageless Athlete'” and “Move WELL” yoga (a combination of yoga and self-massage).


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