Employee Wellness

Movement boosts executive functions including:

  • problem-solving
  • information processing
  • working memory
  • flexible thinking
  • organization and time management.

Learn how to incorporate fitness and wellness into your workplace to combat the negative effects of sitting while reducing stress and promoting mental health.

The Kenrich Group, Annual Team Outing

Can’t put a value on health. One of the best outing programs in years. -Dave Bones Vice President, KRG

Dave Bones

Vice President, The Kenrich Group

FranklyFitness showed us how to integrate wellness into our everyday lives, despite the stressors and intense time commitments from work.

Steve Todd

Johnathan Rice

Mike Merwick

The Kenrich Group

Alex Doctor

Staff Consultant, The Kenrich Group

Dave Acton

Senior Consultant, The Kenrich Group

Scott D. Hollingsworth

Vice President, The Kenrich Group