Frank J. Baptiste

Frank Baptiste is a highly regarded fitness consultant, performance coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in New York City with a satellite office in Jackson, Wyoming. He has helped clients of all ages and abilities—from new mothers and weekend warriors to competitive and professional athletes—reach their goals and stay injury free, and has taught dozens of successful personal trainers to do the same. Click here to read more.

Client Testimonials

“[Frank has] a great philosophy and real passion about [his] work.”

Daryl “Moose” Johnston
Super Bowl Champion, Dallas Cowboys

“I was introduced to Frank Baptiste by a friend, the Senior Manager of Training at a chain of national fitness clubs. She said that Frank was simply ‘the best.’ That was two years ago and since then I have trained with Frank on a weekly basis. My goals are simple and straightforward; at 69 years of age with an often-stressful job in the financial services sector and a daily commute of 3 1/2 hours, I needed to stay at the top of my game. This is where I found Frank to be so very helpful. In the beginning, Frank took time to evaluate my condition and exactly what I wanted to get out of the program. Our twice a week training sessions included a cardio, strength, speed and agility progression. In each area, Frank has the credentials and experience to recognize exactly where I am and what was needed to get to where I wanted to be. Training goals are established and each session builds toward those goals with a combination of gentle cajoling and continuous reassurance that it is possible. At each step along the way there is a strong insistence on correct form, the proper way, that at the end of the day, convinces me that I can exceed any bounds.”

Denis Loncto
Neville Rodie And Shaw, Inc.

“I’ve been working with personal trainers for more than 30 years, and Frank Baptiste is definitely in a class of his own. He has a remarkable eye for detail, and in just one session quickly identified and corrected serious flaws in my training routine that more than a dozen highly experienced trainers never noticed. I especially recommend Frank for Type A personalities like myself who push themselves hard and strive for perfection. Frank took me to a level I never dreamed I could achieve”

Eric Starkman
Starkman & Associates

“Frank Baptiste was my personal trainer for over 2 years. During that time Frank proved that he not only excelled as a personal trainer, but as a personal motivator. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, he retrained my attitude as well as my body. I came to believe in myself and my ability and was able to push myself further and further. To this day, every time that I work out, I think that I can always go one step further. Thank you Frank! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”

Keri Brenner
35, Rhode Island

“I started training with Frank a year and half ago, two months after having
my first child. I had gained more than 40 lbs during my pregnancy and was
still recuperating from a c-section. Moreover, during my pregnancy I barely
exercised, so I felt very weak. Patiently and caringly, Frank started to
work with me to rebuild my strength and flexibility, and getting me back to
shape to practice the sports that I love the most, snow skiing and water
skiing. After six months I was waterskiing as I never did before and a year
later I was snow skiing all kinds of terrain and slopes that I dared not
ski before!

Frank’s methodology works fantastic. He keeps the workouts varied, keeping
you engaged and entertained! He ventures on all kinds of physical
disciplines to achieve the set goals, from weight lifting, jump rope, kettle
bell weight training, aerobic and anaerobic training and diverse stretching
techniques. Training with Frank continues to be a challenging, fun and
never ending learning experience!

Frank you are just the best trainer, I am looking forward to getting
stronger and feeling better every day!”