Testimonials for FranklyFitness Immersion Rosewood Little Dix Bay – Virgin Gorda, BVI “My husband and I stayed at the beautiful Rosewood hotel, Little Dix Bay, during our week-long vacation in early April. Having been to the Caribbean several times, we
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Testimonials for FranklyFitness Immersion

Rosewood Little Dix Bay – Virgin Gorda, BVI

“My husband and I stayed at the beautiful Rosewood hotel, Little Dix Bay, during our week-long vacation in early April. Having been to the Caribbean several times, we knew we would find vibrant turquoise waters, amazing snorkeling and diving, miles of white sandy beaches and fine dining. What we didn’t anticipate was the opportunity to have worked with fitness gurus, Frank Baptiste and Taylor Jackson, as well.

When we arrived on the island, we were ready for a full week of rest and relaxation and the last place we thought we’d find ourselves was in a gym! However, my husband saw Frank’s class schedule included in one of the morning newspaper handouts we received at breakfast and was intrigued. We decided to give it a go thinking we’d get a few tips on how to improve sit-up technique or how many reps to do on a certain machine. Instead, we got so much more.

Frank Baptiste, the founder of Frankly Fitness, and one of his recruits, Taylor Jackson, are not only knowledge- able in the field of exercise and personal training, they are creative, diplomatic, funny and they clearly put 150% into what they do. Not only did we meet two genuinely nice guys that were fun to be around, we learned about their unique approach to total body conditioning–one that we’ll both continue to use on a regular basis. They taught us how to be more efficient at the gym by providing good insight into how the body works and explaining the “why’s” behind their approach.

We can’t recommend Frank’s fitness program highly enough. It was an absolute value-add to our vacation and anyone who is interested in living a healthy, balanced and fit lifestyle would benefit from a session with Frank. Whether it’s simply listening to him speak about fitness in general, signing up for one of his classes or working with him to develop a fully customized training program, Frank is capable of building just the right program based on one’s needs and goals. He has been interested in our progress and encourages his clients to remain in touch to track results and provide feedback along the way.

We are grateful for the chance to have worked with Frank and Taylor and think Frank’s vision for “move well, feel well, be well” will take him far. We look forward to booking future trips with Rosewood hotels around the Frankly Fitness retreat concept.”

Anisha and Andrew Palmer

“I really enjoyed starting my morning with Frank’s move well session in Little Dix Bay’s breath-taking setting.”

Jennifer Dennison

“Typically, when my family goes on vacation the last thing we want to do is attend a fitness class. Recently during a vacation to Little Dix Bay Resort, we saw Frank and Taylor [from FranklyFitness.com] exercising on the beach during a picnic outing. Their enthusiasm and unobtrusive style convinced us to start a conversation and [later] attend one of their classes. Frank and Taylor are very knowledgeable and their positive, enthusiastic approach to fitness soon energizes the students. We loved the first session so much that we attended again the next day… with our 8-year old daughter. And then we signed both children (8yr girl, 10yr boy) up for their jump-rope classes. My kids had so much fun with Frank and Taylor… Frank and Taylor custom fit each class to keep each student engaged, challenged, and rewarded with results. I can only hope that Rosewood will continue to provide such excellent trainers to all the Rosewood resorts. I look forward to another trip [to a Rosewood resort] with relaxation and fitness classes with FranklyFitness.”

Thomas Burleson

“Dear Frank,

It was a joy to be with you and Taylor this past week. I think it is so insightful of Little Dix Bay to invite someone of your caliber, expertise and knowledge to lead a fitness week. I especially enjoy learning new techniques with new  state of the art equipment. Having taken classes all over the world I can honestly that  your excellent people skills  radiates  into  positive energy that makes for a  beneficial and fun workout. Looking forward to being with you again in November!”

Inge Judd

“Katie and I both thoroughly enjoyed the class we took – you certainly got me re-thinking my approach to fitness and my workouts!”

Theo Maniatis

““I want to thank you again for the fitness sessions you provided for us at Little Dix Bay.. Being a local business person on Virgin Gorda and very active in all fitness activities of any kind–I must say it is nice to have knowledgeable fitness instructors like yourself–to enlighten us on how to improve our bodies and be well!! We look forward to your return in November!!”

Rose Giacinto
Bath and Turtle/Chez Bamboo

“It was my pleasure to have the chance to be in [Frank’s] class!
So affirming and inspiring, and  great atmosphere. You get an incredible motivational feeling to continue your classes for your wellness while having fun.”


“During my recent stay at Rosewood Resorts I had the opportunity to take the kettlebell class with Frank.  The session was amazing. Frank was a great instructor and focused on using good technique and made exercising fun at the same time.  The setting overlooking the blue waters and garden was perfect.”

Sharon Stevens
Vancouver Canada