Movement boosts executive functions including problem-solving, creativity, information processing, and multitasking. Innovative global business leaders are investing in employee wellness benefits that allow them to attract, retain and enhance their human capital. Our goal is to transform workspaces by teaching companies how to incorporate fitness and wellness into their organizations.

Wellness Seminars


Looking for a creative way to engage employees, promote creativity and efficiency, reduce turnover and healthcare claims?  Try a FranklyFitness Workplace Wellness offering.

  • Lunch and Learns – interactive presentations and demos to stimulate the lunch hour.
  • Human Capital Consulting – reduce workplace medical claims and drive productivity.
  • Office Mobility and Movement – break up the day and work tension with a fun class.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and office Yoga – learn proven techniques to cultivate mental clarity.

Corporate Mindfulness Meditation


Week-long retreats for teams or individuals up to 18, featuring movement clinics, meditation/ mindfulness/ yoga, workshops and seminars and wholesome, nutritious meals. Workshop topics may include:

  • Stress resilience – “The Mindful Executive”
  • Nutrition to Optimize Health and Cognitive Performance
  • Office, Cubicle and Hotel Mobility
  • Developing a Top-down Culture of Health
  • Modern Yoga – Ancient Teachings for Modern Living


Let us enhance your company’s get-away with a tailored Movement and Education-based program, featuring:

  • Strength, cardio and flexibility classes for varying ages and skill-levels
  • Group yoga and meditation
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Interactive seminars on topics such as: Reversing The ‘Sitting Disease,’ The Mindful Executive,™ and Road Rescue:™ Staying Healthy In Hotels & On The Road