Ideas Sparked by the Superbowl

by Frank Baptiste on February 7, 2011


Stats are constantly posted, updated, and analyzed all game long. Everything that effects the outcome of a game is measured: First downs, rushing attempts, rushing yards, yards per carry, passing attempts, completion percentages, sacks, fumbles, turn-overs, etc, etc,…oh yeah, and of course, points!

How are you measuring your progress toward your fitness goals? Are you tracking the variables that will lead you to a win?

If you’re goal is weight loss, simply focusing on the number on the scale is like keeping track of the score without any regard for all the stats that get you there.

Here are just a few stats I track to ensure my clients’ success:
# hours sleep per night
# meals per day
daily water consumption
# of weight training sessions per week
# cardiovascular conditioning sessions per week

When you focus on these things, you’ll start to see it reflected in your ‘score.’


In a game every second counts, and the amount of time on the clock determines which play will be made.  Are you using your workout time as efficiently as you could be?  Use a stop watch and track work to rest ratios, time under tension, and recovery periods to take your training to the next level!


“These guys are dropping like flies,” I heard someone say as yet another player limped off the field last night. While professional athletes leave themselves open to the direct trauma of taking a hit or making a tackle, many injuries are non-contact related. Deficient movement patterns, caused by a previous injury and resulting compensation patterns, or asymmetrical imbalances will eventually manifest in an over-use injury that side-lines players.

The number one goal of every strength training program is injury prevention. Are you aware of your imbalances and weak links?
Strategy is the name of the game, and a coaches play book may have hundreds of carefully designed plays. Periodized programming offers a game plan to help make sure you make it to the end zone. Know your game plan, don’t step onto the field, or into the gym without it.


In football, like most sports, speed is all about acceleration. In order to be faster you must be able to produce force and direct it into the ground. Strength, your ability to exert maximal force, is therefore the number one determinant of speed. Want to be faster? Train for max strength.

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Joe Barbagallo February 9, 2011 at 4:24 pm

Great post!Periodization is very important. It’s your road map to success! How do you know where you are going when you are driving a car without a road map, and now a days a gps. I know us guys don’t like using a road map. Do you know how much time I have wasted on the road not asking for directions? Why waste that time in the gym? Speaking about cars, don’t you monitor the oil after a certain amount of miles, tires and all the other maintenance? What about the fuel? Sound familiar to our bodies? Game On!

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