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“Health is a gift I want to share.”

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FranklyFitness® – Founder

Frank Baptiste is a highly regarded fitness consultant, performance coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in New York City. Experience working synergistically with leading health and wellness professionals has allowed Frank to develop his integrated approach to training. He has helped clients of all ages and abilities—from new mothers and weekend warriors to competitive and professional athletes—reach their goals and stay injury free, and has taught dozens of successful personal trainers to do the same.

MOVE WELL, FEEL WELL, BE WELL ® is the philosophy of Mr. Baptiste, whose passion for health and fitness was born from his determination to save his mother’s life. By the age of 53 she had suffered four heart attacks, developed type 2 diabetes, and relied on a pharmacy worth of medications to stay alive. While small cell cancer deprived Frank the chance to impact his mom’s health, his mission to share wellness with the world has led him to develop his approach to fitness as functional and preventative medicine.

While Fitness Manager for Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City, Frank coached many of the industry’s most talented professionals, teaching and overseeing the program design and results of 275 clients. As leader of education and development for his team of 30 personal trainers, Frank refined his teaching techniques to develop an improved curriculum for training fitness professionals.

In 2007, Frank collaborated with Dr. Cummings of Manhattan’s Rowe Chiropractic Offices to create and implement a complimentary resistance training program designed to magnify the results of their patients’ care plans. Frank also served as a lead presenter with Drs. Jose Cortes and Edmund Shockey in Move Well, a lecture on the genetic requirement of movement, the role of the spine, and the effects of work space ergonomics on posture. Frank is currently working with Ruth Rothbart Mayer, MSW, LCSW, and trainer for the Alzheimer’s Association to carry out an innovative exercise program aimed to slow the decline of patients living with dementia. Frank has also partnered with Rosewood Hotels to create FranklyFitness® Immersion, part of a first ever wellness retreat series at Little Dix Bay in 2011.

Frank’s expertise coaching proper biomechanics and exercise technique is rooted in his knowledge of functional anatomy and applied kinesiology. Aided by assessment tools such as the Functional Movement Screen, Frank specializes in integrating corrective exercise strategies into his periodized resistance training programs for optimal fitness, strength development, and athletic performance. Frank is also a certified kettlebell instructor through Kettlebell Athletics, and is pre/post-natal certified.

As a former competitive Alpine Racer and Track and Field athlete, Frank continues to challenge himself to new physical feats and has become an accomplished athlete in multiple arenas. While training for the International Natural Body Building Foundation’s INBF Northeast America Championships, Frank gained a new understanding of nutrition and metabolism, reducing his body fat by more than half (to 5%) in only 12 weeks and placing 4th in his weight class. Just five weeks later, he competed in the lightweight category of the Kumite Classic North American Strongman Competition, scoring points in 4 out of 5 categories. Frank’s 8 week rehabilitative plan enabled him to recover from knee surgery and compete in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, a 9 mile road race through Manhattan with obstacles including scaling and descending 54 floors of a city skyscraper. In 2010, he reached yet another personal goal running a sub 5 minute mile in the NYC 5th Avenue Mile. For Frank, competition has allowed him to cultivate the virtues of discipline, sacrifice, and perseverance.