About Matt

Matt Bombardier – Stress and Mental Resiliency Coach and Marketing Specialist

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Matt is a successful marketer, having helped launch Dealer.com from small, limited internet marketing services provider to the large 1,ooo+ employer it is today.   Now, he brings this marketing experience together with his life passion: Sports Psychology and Stress Management.

With over 10 years of wrestling and football high school teams coaching and mental conditioning for individual collegiate and professional athlete coaching, he is our go-to resource for clients who wish to create a mental resilience (mental toughness) program.

Mental toughness (check out his page about the concept of mental toughness) is not only found in athletes or competitors looking for an edge, it’s in business people, Military and service men and women, teachers, coaches, doctors, lawyers, police and firefighters, the list goes on and on.  To achieve a high level of success, it is imperative that one has developed, and focused on, his/her mindset.

Whether you are looking for an edge, or looking to boost self-confidence or self-esteem, perhaps you want to increase willpower or focus, or to create new habits – each of these (and more) require you to stay in the present moment and develop your mindset.