About Austin

Austin Unterbrink – Director of Corporate Wellness

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With over 9 years of professional business consulting experience, Austin offers a trove of skills and resources to problem-solve human capital and corporate wellness issues within the modern business world.   He is particularly passionate about enhancing executive performance and stress resiliency among C-Suite teams and cultivating creative and healthy workplace cultures.

In 2015, Austin spearheaded the British Virgin Islands’ first Health Summit, which brought together regional organizations and government agencies to address growing health risks in the community.

Some notable presentation topics include:

  • Neuroscience and Stress
  • Exercise for Optimal Mental Performance
  • Nutrition for Optimal Mental Performance
  • Stress Management for Optimal Mental Performance
  • Stress Resiliency: Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity
  • Nutrition: Diving Deeper into Brain Function and Weight Management
  • Exercise and the Bottom Line: Practical Ways Busy Companies Leverage Physical Activity for
    Higher Productivity